In loving Memory

Jun. 25, 2020

Gone but not forgotten

This page was added in Memory of those we have lost. If you have someone you would like added to this page please just send the information to me and i will get it up as quickly as i can. Please understand the information provided below is accurate to the best of our knowledge & if you notice something that is incorrect please feel free to contact us and we will get it fixed up asap.

We have all lost someone along the way and the pain and trickle affect the results is hard for others to understand. this is why we gather each year to remember the ones we have lost and to help each other heal.
Please come out and join us in June we welcome you all.

Mike Coutts 1983 - 2020

Mike will be missed by many and was loved by all who new him.
Passed away in the afternoon of April 25, 2020
Was always there if you needed him.
Loved motorcycles working on them, riding, everything about them.

Stoney Schneidmiller 1964 - 2016

Stoney's passing was hit hard on family and friends. He will never be forgotten.
He passed away in the early morning March 6, 2016.
Rock ride was started in his hounor. As him and Chris always talked about starting there own rally.
Its not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in the years.

Larry Wakefield 1958 - 2020

Larry Passed February 16, 2020 is dearly missed by all who new him.
Loved riding and spending time with friends and family.

Stan Mathew Oja September 29, 1971 - August 12, 2020

Stan Matthew Oja

Stan was a man like no other and those who had the sheer pleaser of meeting him will never forget him.

Our heart go out to all who new and loved him.

Scottish poet Thomas Campbell wrote “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

Stan Matthew Oja was born in September 1971 and was torn from those who loved him Aug. 12, 2020 in a devastating motorcycle accident. True to Campbell’s words, Stan will live in the hearts of many.

Stan was born and raised in Calgary AB. Shortly after graduation he embarked on his first career.

During a 1991 business trip to Salmon Arm with his dad, Stan met the love of his life, Teresa Lynn Marsh. The two lived in Calgary for a time, but also in Kelowna, Seattle, and Sylvan Lake with their growing family, Graham, Rosie, Tegan and Kanise. Stan worked in a variety of fields, including the oilfield and a trucking. In 2003 the pair worked with Gary to create the first Horsethief Hideout Memorial Bike Rally, an event that has grown steadily for 20 years, Stan a fixture at every one.

One of Stan’s greatest passions was motorcycles, something his father Gary, also a lifelong rider, instilled in him from the age of five. Together memories were made and cherished by both father and son.

Stan's number one in his life was people: his family, his friends, especially spending time whenever he could in Calgary with his grandmother Julie, whom he called Momma. There was no end to Stan’s generosity of spirit, and the many people he touched over the years have flooded social media pages stories of how he helped them, expressions of love and grief, tales of his laughter and caring, his limitless spirit and heart. Friends and family from all over Canada arrived to help tend his spirit fire, gathering in support of his family and one another.

Stan will live always in the hearts of his wife, Teresa, children Graham, Rosie, Tegan and Kanise, grandsons Maddan and Grayson, father Gary (Lynne), grandmother Julie Oja McHan, mother Marsha Cutting Oja, siblings Gary Jr. (Karen, children Tristan, Brooklyn, Jaxton and Jayce), Davin Oja, Saxony Milligan (Joel, son Dominic), Fallon Seidel (Tim, son Benjamin) and Sabrina Pitre (David, AKA Uncle One Eye, daughters Emilese and Milla). His friends are countless, many of whom are extended family.

The night Stan passed, there was a barrage of meteors, as if he were reminding us all that we never say goodbye, just see you later.

You can honour Stan by always remembering to be kind, to lift one another up, and whenever you can, offer your hand to someone who needs it.

May God Be With You All!

Donald Walker 1960 - 2020

Don Passed January 25, 2020 loved to ride and is missed by all who's lives he touched.

Robert Graham 1986 - 2020

Robert (Bob) Graham. Born in December of 1986. Son of Chris and Julie Graham the founders of Rock Ride. Bob passed away in the early morning June 25, 2020
He was his dad's right hand and will be greatly missed.
He may not have been a rider but he was always a brother, friend, son, father & team member.
Bob had a big heart and would do anything he could to help anyone.

Phil and Courtney Mooney Passed June 12, 2020

Phil was a veteran and served in Afghanistan.
Courtney was veterans advocate with royal Canadian legion.
left behind 2 small children and a huge hole in many hearts of the riding community

David Michael Heagy February 20, 1965 - February 4, 2021

David Michael Heagy

Passed away at his home in Rimbey, AB. at age 55.

Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Worked in the oil and gas industry for most of his adult life.

Heagy was a friend and brother to many of us and will truly be missed by us all.

Our heart and prayers go out to his entire family and countless friends.

Heagy lived to enjoy life and was always there if you needed him.
His door was always open to anyone who need him.

In June we ride to remember, David Heagy was a big part of the ride every year. He will be remembered.

A true brother,

Bill Mcpherson "Cheetah" 1957 - 2020

Full of energy and always enjoyed family and friends.
lived to ride and enjoy all that life had to offer. Cheetah passed in early May 2020, was a great loss and will be dearly missed by all who new him.
Cheeta was someone if you met him you never forgot him.

Donald Hanson 1963 - 2018

Donald passed July 28, 2019 Not a day goes by were you are not in our thoughts.
when we ride you are there beside us.
cheers brothers forever in the wind....

Michael Weir 1960 - 2019

Mike leaves a wife and 3 children behind and will forever be missed but never forgotten

We have no photo of mike but if anyone does we would love to get it up.

Stuart Macleod

Singer, Song writer, Rider, Friend and Brother to so many of us.

Stuart's passing has left a huge hole in so many peoples hearts. He will be sorely missed by everyone who ever had the pleaser of meeting him.

If you don't know him we strongly recommend you google "Ride with me by Stuart Maclead"

Preformed with true emotion and one you will never forget.

Stuart will live in the heart and minds of us all.

Ride free brother, Ride Free....