Bluffton City General Store Offers Regular gas & Diesel Fuel sales.
AMSOIL products Sales
along with a few others.

Bluffton city General Store has everything you need for Hunting and fishing licences, gear, bait, knives.
just stop in and take a look around.\You would be surprised what you find.

Friendly Staff.
Well Stocked Shelves and coolers filled with ice cold Beer.
Just drop in open 7 days a week.

This Place Rocks

May. 16, 2020

The owners of the store are the founders of Rock Ride event and memorial ride. they are also the biggest sponsors to date. We greatly appreciate all that Chris & Julie do for this event each year. We all know it gets to be a little much at times. But the truth is with out these two very special people this event would never happen.
Take a moment and pick up the phone or stop in and say hi. they would love to hear from you.
Remember to say thanks for all you do...
Open 6 am - 8 pm Monday to Saturday
Open 9 am - 7 pm Sundays