Vision Rentals

We would like to thank Angela and her husband Murray for donating the Light Towers and power plants for the event each year. We can not thank you enough for everything you two do to help out each and every year. you guys rock.
4 years continued support from theses great people.

4 years of dedication and support from Chris & Julie is what continues to make this event so great each year. Thanks so much for your time and help throughout the event.

K.C.Hansen Custom Farmimg & Fencing

We would like to thank K. C. Hansen Custom Farming & Fencing for their support of this years event. fencing, water piping supplies.
We can not thank you enough for your support 2 years in a row. 403-704-3917

The Canadian Brew House

2 Years running now and absolutely no hesitation in providing support to rally. We can not thank the team at the Canadian brew house in Edmonton enough for there continued support.

Steel Horses Photography

We can not thank Cori enough for all her hard work in the past two years.
Cant wait to see what she has in store for us this year.
You truly rock Cori.

Please keep in mind if there any photos you wish to order they are all available through cori directly.

Belt Drive Betty

We would like to thank Belt Drive Betty and Canadian Motor Cycle for there sponsorship of our event. Any and all support we receive is greatly appreciated.

Sponcors required

Jul. 1, 2018

Cash donations used toward cost of the event: We advertise your information on our web page and our face book page for one year. If supplied we hang your banner or sign in our high traffic areas for the event. If your sponsor ship is received in time we will add your information to the posters when printing.
When it comes to cost for the event it is extinctive. As you well know everything costs money from the bathrooms to the stage and entertainment. The more sponsors we have the more money raised goes directly to the charities chosen.

This Year proceeds will be split between Ride Dogs Ride Foundation and the local food bank.

Alberta 2037333 Inc.

Big Thanks to Darcy Gamble owner of Alberta 2037333 INC. Darcy has been there each year to throw in a hand to set up, and dismantle everything once the event has ended. With out help like this it makes things very difficult to complete.
Darcy has also made a very large donation to the Rock ride this year to assist in the cost of putting the event on.
This event is about remembering the ones we have lost. But don't ever forget the family and friends we have right in front of us. Together we are stand, together we ride, Together we are strong.
Once again Darcy Thank you brother....

Harley Davidson Of Edmoton

3 years running and once again thank you to the people at Harley Davidson of Edmonton.