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Email Dec. 31, 2020

Leonard Covell

Happy new year everyone.

Sure hope 2021 is better then last freaking year.

Wish you all nothing but the best in the coming new year.

See you all in June!

Email Jun. 16, 2020

Leonard Covell

Still camping june 19 to 21 2020

Same location no vendors or bands just us having fun

Email Website Feb. 11, 2019

Kevin Groshong

Fine website!

Email Website Dec. 9, 2018


Everything is perfect.

Email Website May. 31, 2018


Continued good luck with the business.

Email Website Apr. 2, 2018


Great website! Thanks for the info.

Email Website Jan. 29, 2018


Wow! Love your website! :)

Email Website Jul. 20, 2017


This is wonderful peace and love to y'all

Email Website Jul. 7, 2017


You are very generous in sharing so much info about an understanding that is very simple, yet, may be hard to grasp for a very tired mind, nice work!

Email Jan. 2, 2017

Leonard covell

Here is a list of things you may want to consider when getting ready to come out to this event.

Camping gear / chairs



Extra clothing


The club house is on track to be open and serving food to the public liquor license is already in place however that will get costly really fast.

There is no ATM on site and the closest store is the Bluffton city general store in the town of Bluffton Alberta. They are also the main sponsors of this event.

There is fresh water available on site from the clubhouse area. However as of yet there is still no septic service or showers available.

We have something for everyone going on for this event.

Bike games


Poker run

Chicken shit

Silent auction

Door prizes


So come on out and have a great weekend, meet some fantastic people, listen to some awesome entertainment and above all else help support fallen brothers and sisters as well as their families.

Please let us know if your planning to attend, we can't wait to meet each and everyone of you.


Email Aug. 9, 2016

Teri Walsh

i.m going for sure

what can i do to help out???

Email Jul. 26, 2016

Len Covell

We all had a blast at the 1st event. Can't wait to see what's planned for next year