Spruce Haven Golf Resort is expanding each year and every time we go there something new to see. We appreciate all the support from the Spruce Haven team.

Spruce Haven Golf Resort clubhouse is growing and looking better every year.

Spruce Haven is open

Jun. 22, 2020

Weddings, family reunions or tournaments

Got a event your looking to hold?
Looking for a fantastic location to hold it?
Give them a call.
The property is well maintained with multiple camp sites, 9 hole golf and the rates are unbelievable.
if you have not been there to see it yet we strongly recommend you go out and view it for your self.
You name t they can provide a prime location for you and your needs.

Follow the signs.

Spruce Haven Golf Resort supply us with a great venue to hold Rock Ride Motorcycle Rally.
Please follow all Speed signs and rules as they are layed out. Golf course is still open to public while event is on so please keep this in mind.
We appreciate everything Spruce Haven is doing to help us with this event.
Just be sure to follow the signs into where we are set up.

Each year there venue gets better and better. Come on out and check it out for your self.

Gazebo added Spring of 2020